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English Forever

Importance of English language in this age of globalisation cannot be overstated. It is also necessary to acquire proficiency in English at an early age, so that the challenges of tomorrow can be handled with confidence.

The program has been meticulously designed keeping in mind the education requirements of learners from every grade so that the understanding of the language and its fundamentals get imbibed in a fun and interesting environment. It offers the best modules in terms of Continuous evaluation, Content, Teaching expertise and Methodology.

At the heart of English Forever, is a range of innovative technology based modules that use a step-by-step process to help learners sharpen their Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing skills.

With English Forever, English, the language the world speaks – will no longer be the barrier between opportunity and talent as your students look at the future beyond school.

English Forever has numerous highly useful features like:

Assessment of Speaking and Listening (ASL)

This segment is designed on the lines of the English language skills proficiency test mandated by CBSE for class11. Samples of Speaking and Listening tests for classes 3-10 are provided so that students not only become familiar with the skills but also gain proficiency in them. Based on the concept, ‘the more you practice, the better you become’, ASL- Speaking and Listening Practice Sessions have been provided. The audios are in a neutral UK accent, perfect enunciation and moderate rate of speech.

Mastering Speech

Mastering Speech, as the name suggests, focuses on developing speaking skills. With well-structured segments, each devoted to developing a particular skill or proficiency, the Mastering speech section will help learners master the science of speaking step by step.

Word Stress and Sentence Stress

While the Word Stress section helps learners get their syllable stress right to pronounce a word correctly, the Sentence Stress segment focuses on an important aspect of random speech which lends meaning to a sentence.

Subject Specific Words

Another great feature, this tool will help students in pronunciation of scientific terms and other subject specific vocabulary.

Public Speaking Activities

English Forever provides activities ranging from Show-and- Tell for the young learners to Group Discussions for senior students. With a ‘see-it and do-it’ model, followed by a practice activity, English Forever’s public speaking segment enables students to learn the tricks of the trade, shed their inhibitions, get their body language and voice projection right and emerge as effective and competent public speakers – a life skill that will certainly stand them in good stead throughout their lives.

Combination Sounds

To help learners with right pronunciation, Combination Sounds has video recordings of various tricky sounds in the English language, and learners can listen to them and repeat them again and again till they get it right.

Indianism and MTI

These are two pain areas for most ESL Learners. The regional use of Indian languages interferes with effective communication in English. English Forever offers not only techniques to identify them but also to minimise them. This, it is hoped, will ensure that Indian students can communicate effectively and effortlessly with their counterparts across the world.


Based on the premise that learning happens best when it’s combined with fun, English Forever’s Grammar Enhancement Interactivities have several interesting games to test the students’ knowledge of grammar and its usage.

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