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Introducing smartclassPro, the new way to manage digital classrooms.

smartclassPro, world’s first-of-its-kind digital learning solution, is the most advanced version of smartclass yet. smartclassPro is amazingly easy, exciting and engaging. It is a digital learning solution that is most suitable for a generation on the move, for a generation that is hooked on to technology and thrives on it.

A comprehensive solution that is highly interactive, smartclassPro has brought in a new wave of technologically advanced learning into classrooms. Designed to trigger imagination, smartclassPro, through the power of Fliplearn, breaks the classroom barriers by bringing in features which enable instant collaboration between all stakeholders. It comes with a tablet coupled with a 3G SIM which allows teachers to instantly send homework, assignments, pictures, take attendance, create health records and much more. The tablet allows the teacher to move around freely in the classroom and interact with students while she uses Fliplearn to display the content on the larger screen/white board.

The perfect sync between teachers, students and parents


  • Explore the benefits of mobility using the tablet; gain better control over the classroom
  • Access the widest content repository through Fliplearn
  • Connect real time with the 3G SIM
  • Share information and content in one click
  • Manage the classroom better with Fliplearn features like attendance, health reports and report cards—all stored in a single device
  • Leverage interactivity and mobility to create a highly engaging learning environment
  • Share instant notifications, galleries and updates with both students and parents


  • Access high quality 2D and 3D animations, life-like simulations and vibrant videos
  • Understand complex topics easily
  • Learn much beyond the classroom
  • Access smartclass content at home by subscribing to Fliplearn
  • Clear doubts any time
  • Improve performance by studying the same content at home
  • Connect with other students using the Fliplearn wall
  • Get assignments and homework on Fliplearn; no more noting down the same


  • Track the child’s performance in real time
  • Receive notifications and event information
  • Get updates on classroom activities
  • View galleries
  • Remain connected with your child even in the classroom
  • Receive updates on best projects and videos instantly
  • Get updated on attendance records, health records, academic performance, assignments and all information on Fliplearn
  • Remain connected with the teacher at all times
  • Receive instant updates and notices

How it works for you?

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